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Sexchart, the map of sex by Internet

Imagínese one of those pastimes in which there are to unite the points, only that in this case the points represent people, in its majority fanatical of computer science, that established romantic relations with other people. But epa... there are many connected points.


It began as one more a history of a man and a woman whose ways are crossed in the life, but soon became a vertiginous vortex that left control.

A woman knew a man, and later another one, and later many others, and all these men as well knew other women, and these women to other men. And to the four years which the first woman knew the first man, they were around 1,400 the men and women who had known and had a loving tangle.

How make 1.400 hackers and crackers and lovers of Internet to document their loving connections? With a diagram, obvious: they make a scheme where it is indicated how one of the people is related each to the others through alcove affairs, scheme this one that already has acquired colossal dimensions.

Imagínese one of those pastimes for children in which there are to unite the points to discover which is the hidden figure, in who a mocking creature of 5 years has united each one of the points to the good rest... thus is the Sexchart (Map of Sex).

Of 46 KB, plenty of points and rays of code ASCII that are almost impossible to follow, the Sexchart is a small project of Internet underground that allows to know two things on the people who move in the field of computer science: they are not as asexuados as one could think, and are more obsessive of which one had imagined.

Lish Daelnar, a woman of 23 years of age that has taken care of the maintenance of the Sexchart during most of its existence, is the woman who was the initial piece from which east Sexchart of women and men was originated who are known themselves. Daelnar lives in Santa Cruz, California, and although it is not one geek, a fanatic of the computation, by the sight knows enough good.

"I had left with many men of the ' atmosphere of Internet '", expressed Daelnar. "and the map I only began it as a form to deceive to me of same me... to show with how many men had had appointments". This was in 1997, when to be in the ambient denominated one ' of Internet' really it meant something. It meant that one knew of the Web, and that perhaps until had its own "Home Page", that the people watched with disdain who used AOL, that it was dedicated to chatear by IRC... and many other stereotypes.

In the center of the first series of the Sexchart it appears the sobrename of Daelnar -"crank "-, connected through points and rays to the nicknames of several men. According to its first map, Daelnar had love affairs with murmur, 8ball, pip, aoxomoxoa, mogel, spirit, I disturb, jamesy and Dcheese.

Daelnar hurried to clarify, probably in its defense, a small detail about the Sexchart: one is not only sex. The thing is asi ': although map of sex is called, and, although many people see each bond of the diagram like a signal that two people have had some activity in the bed, practically any intimate contact can cause that one finishes in the map.

"a link represents any sexual activity between users of computers that are able to transmit a disease of sexual transmission, for which requires as minimum a language kiss", explains in defense of the map. Only around half of the nexuses of the diagram they represent real sex, but it is not clarified which are, explained Daelnar.

As they spent the years and its diagram was growing, and Daelnar was receiving more and more information of loving connections every month, and with great dedication and care it was adding elements with a common and current text editor, people were falling in the ignominy by the work of Daelnar. "This diagram no longer covers a scope in individual", clarified. "Whereupon somebody has a direction of electronic mail reaches so that it appears in the map".

There were people who did not belong to the "scope of Internet" and which they only participated in a intrascendente kissing of Christmas (with language) with which was in the map, and their names also were shaped in the diagram... and to some they did not like much to appear there.

But Daelnar does not feel too much conmiseración by the people who have this attitude: it says that if to one is shamed of to have done something, it must not it have done. And it must not either have it to it counted to anybody.

"If they want to have privacy, that they have it... but if they tell to six people which did is obvious that it is not going to be a secret during long time", it expressed.

Daelnar, nevertheless, yes has care of that data that upsets in its diagram are exact, and if somebody says to him that something of which appears there is not certain, removes it. But it clarifies that often people lie when says that there was no loving connection, and that in those cases she later finds out.

"Once I put a man, and he said that he had not passed anything", he related. "But later I found out that one had been going away to live with the girl with whom appeared tie. The truth, is those cases in which one is asked "of whom they are hiding" ".

Also there were some who got to threaten it. A man sent an email to him: "if you do not say to me who passed those data to you, he is going to have 6 fractured lozenges. I speak in serious. I am not like the majority, that goes in the IRC, for me is a business. I am a businessman, handling everything with professionalism, and that includes to make close the mouth to a chismosa of Wednesday that does not know in that it is putting ".

To Daelnar they cause to east grace type to him of reactions before its map. "Exactly my objective is to make anger people", explained. "people put themselves like crazy person, she is put furious... and she makes me die of the laughter because it is ASCII. Only ASCII. To which I talk about is that it is a diagram to interpret. It is not a scheme where it says "vos you left pregnant woman so and an abortion became" ".

But like the diagram it is not than ASCII more, and as in the nexuses it is not clarified what was exactly what happened between two people, when one watches the Sexchart, the mind flies and imagines wild adventures. What yes it makes east map is to document some little conventional relations.

The brothers are connected between if '.. in case in form direct (a brother and a sister of those who already many know that they had an intimate relation), and in other cases through other people, like when two brothers leave with the same girl. In some few cases the nexuses represent forced sex, but Daelnar says that never it is going to reveal which are. ("They know who are").

With which Daelnar thinks that the reaction that each person has before the diagram depends to a great extent on the nastinesses that are crossed to him by the head. "It depends much on how is watched it", it expressed, giving to understand that this scheme can be seen like a pretty test of Rorschach, where each one sees a thing different in the red spot.

perhaps "If a person has 20 bonds, that simply means that on all its life it only kissed 20 people", explained. "But there was people who said to me that prostituta by all the connections was one that which had... to I responded that the Sexchart is not a sex map. And if somebody goes to me judging by how many nexuses I have in the Sexchart, the truth is that I do not have any interest in being with that person ".

Daelnar seted out to obtain two objectives with this map, objectives that, according to believed, were not easy to obtain. Immediate goal was to obtain that Wired wrote a note on her. Surely one talked about the magazine, but with Wired News it reaches, commented.

The other objective one was more ambitious: to include to all the inhabitants of the planet in its diagram. In fact it is not working after that objective, but the information of loving connections continue arriving in abundance, and perhaps someday a great part of the world-wide population is in this map.

In fact, at this moment the diagram surpasses it and it is so difficult to handle to him that now it is looking for programmers who perhaps help it... exists some automated form to make the diagram in ASCII, thinks.

Perhaps somebody is asked on the reason by which Daelnar also takes as much work... and if that work contributes information that is used for something.

There are some who say that his she indicates interesting aspects social... for example, shows the ephemeral thing that is the love in our modern society. Others, however, have a less benevolent opinion of the Sexchart, since they say that it is exactly the class of confused thing, complex and useless that allows to delay all action makes specific that one would hope of a computer science group of geeks that has microprocessors instead of brain... is something that consumes a terrible amount of time and that does not contribute anything, as the planes with the designs of the spacecrafts of Trip to Stars "done by the fanatics".

Daelnar, however, maintains that map has certain east utility. "It is a very good form to know who has some disease... one can choose to the person according to with whom it has been".

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