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Let us turn to Sekhchyuart

  03 YANV   

Here is is one additional study to theme jen5iny and technologies. 23- summer girl on the name Of lish Of delnar (Lisyu Of dayelnar) from California fell into Shired Of neshs for the fact that she composed the enormous diagram , which demonstrates, who with whom will sleep in internet-tusovke of the West coast OF THE USA.

The diagram, which is called simply Sekhchyuart, is executed in ASCHII & to mdasyu; i.e., with the aid of the standard terminal symbols, without everyone pseudos-graph. It occupies about 46 KB and undoubtedly is the bright work of contemporary skill. It is evident that miss Delnar put in Sekhchyuart the soul: as in no way, girl sketches diagram since 1997 and each month adds into it new characters.

& bulls; Sekhchyuart (fragment)

People are designated in the diagram by their nicknames from IRCH. if two names they are connected by line, this means that between them there were kak the minimum, moist kisses. (straight/direct quotation from the preface), and that and what a little bit worse. In the center Of sekhchyuart there is and itself the author: she calls itself Chrank, and to it lead more than twenty lines. this is far from record & to mdasyu; for example, in certain Yuazhi of lines of approximately forty. As a whole the diagram creates impression, that in the inhabitants of California not at all there must not remain time to the work & to mdasyu; entire their life departs on vlajnye kisses. and acquaintance on IRCH.

By the way, to internet-tusovkoy in the diagram the matter is not limited: indeed if, according to known theory, any two people in the Euro-American part of the planet they are familiar with each other through five handshakes, the same law with the minimum corrections let us apply also to any other relations. As the direct consequence of this phenomenon, in the diagram are present several public characters & to mdasyu; in particular, Edvard Norton (Tyuey figyut Chlub), the bills Of korgan (Smasyuing Of pumpkins) and deeply respected by editorial staff Tostera. Gell Biafra (Dead Of kennedys).

As explained Lish Of delnar in the interview Of shired Of neshs, it created Sekhchyuart in order to fall into the periodical Of shired (this point/item, can be said, it was executed). Girl wants so that in the future her diagram would enmesh entire planet; however, for this it is necessary to draw to the development Of sekhchyuart the command of programistov: all connections/communications in the diagram Of lish it sketched by hand Until now.

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